Moving Tips

Some tips on making your removals day a smooth success:

Create a checklist that is suited and easily understandable Make sure you have marked all your 'fragile' boxes. 

Try to avoid leaving out lots of small items. Pack them into large boxes. Dispose of any unwanted items by organising a garage sale or donating items to your local charity store Arrange your packing materials, including boxes, wrapping paper, tape etc.

The Right Move can supply you with all packing materials. Start packing items that are not needed until the relocation is complete Clean as you pack. This will save you time and energy Contact your insurance company and check whether your policy covers your relocation Arrange new locks be fitted in the new house (to ensure there is no spare keys to your home floating around) Our locksmith service can help. 

Make your removal company aware of any items that may need special attention On the day of the move it is important you pack a box with the essentials you may require during the course of the day. eg: tea, coffee and snacks. Your removalists should make you feel extremely comfortable and you should feel free to communicate openly with the team to ensure the move is completed to your liking. We believe that our removals sydney service is at the highest standard and pride ourselves on our professional. So why not give The Right Move Removals a call. 

And make your move  - " The Right Move "


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